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Fatty Amines

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We are good quality supplier of Fatty Amines, Tertiary Amines and Quaternary Ammonium Salt from China

Best Benzalkonium Chloride Quaternary Ammonium Salt CAS 85409-22-9
Best Colourless Hexadecyl Octadecyl Dimethyl Amines CAS No 68390-97-6
Best Decabromdipheny Ethane DBDPE Brominated Flame Retardants CAS No 84852-53-9
Best Professional Oil Drilling Industry Carboxy Methyl Cellulose  ISO9001
Best Xanthan Gum Drilling Grade 80 Mesh Organic Xanthan Gum 25kg Kraft Bag
Best ETHEPHON 90% TECH Growth Regulators In Plants CAS 16672-87-0
Best Magnesium Hydroxide MDH Inorganic Additive CAS 1309-42-8 White Powder
Best Broad spectrum Systemic Chemical Herbicides for Crops Glyphosate , CAS 1071-83-6
Best Chemical Fungicides Technical Product Metalaxyl Mancozeb 72% WP CAS 57837-19-1
Best Triazole Chemical Fungicides , Seed Dressing Tebuconazole 97% Tech CAS 80443-41-0
Best Acidulant Flavorant Preservative Citric Acid Anhydrous CAS 77-92-9 in Foods and Beverages
Best Stationary Liquid and Amend Liquid Calcium Bromide Essential Material CAS 7789-41-5
Best Medicine Industry and Battery Electrolyte Industry Zinc Bromide Bromide Chemical Cas 7699-45-8
Best Inorganic Compound Sodium Bromide Bromide Chemical CAS 7647-15-6
Best 80 Mesh Xanthan Gum  Organic Xanthan Gum Free Flowing Powder
Best Coco Alkyl Dimethyl Amine Mixture Amines CAS No 61788-93-0
Best N - Methyl Diethanol Tertiary Amines Corrosion inhibitor CAS 105-59-9
China Fatty Amines Company
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Qida Chemical Pty Ltd
Thank you for visiting our introduction. I believe the following points are what you cares: Qida Chemical was established in Februrary 2006, has office in China and Australia. The cooperating factories are located in Jiangsu and Shandong...    Read More